Joyful Way Incorporated, a popular Ghanaian music group has said it will adopt and renovate a health facility to meet the standard of a modern health centre as part of its 50th anniversary celebration.

The health facility will be renamed the Joyful Way Health Centre and will provide support to patients.

This was revealed by the President of the group, Stephen Otoo during the media launch of the anniversary.

 “We intend as well to adopt some health centre that we are going to call the Joyful Way Health Centre, go there renovate it and support the people as part of our legacy project,” he said.

The celebration will be under the theme: “Joyful Way At 50 – Our Story, Impact And Legacy”.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Joyful Way Incorporated, Samuel Ewoo outlined an array of activities and programmes throughout the yearlong anniversary celebration.

“Our 50th anniversary celebration is going to be a yearlong celebration and we have had the official media launch today. Following from today, we are going to have an array of activities. We are going to have internal and external conferences, engagement with media, have people who are in the gospel music space equally come together to deliberate on some of the very pertinent issues that confront the gospel music industry,” he stated.

Over the past years, Joyful Way Incorporated has recorded songs and produced albums that have brought hope, restoration and joy to many hearts.

Some of these songs include; ‘Never Give Up’, ‘Barima Yesu’ and ‘Thank You Jesus’.

As part of the jubilee celebration, there will be a launch of Joyful Way evangelism to reach out to villages and minister God’s word to them.

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