Royal Dutch Airline, KLM, is reportedly have suspended long-haul flights to and from the Netherlands, beginning today 22nd January, as the Dutch government imposes strict border controls to combat mutant coronavirus strains.

Local Dutch media RTL Nieuws has reported that 270 flights into the country will be cancelled, including intercontinental and some European routes.

Flights which require flight crews to spend the night outside of the Netherlands will be affected.

“We cannot run the risk of our staff being stranded somewhere. This is why we are stopping all intercontinental flights from Friday & all flights to European destinations where crew members have to spend the night”, KLM spokesperson said.

On 20th January the Dutch Government imposed a host of national restrictions, aimed at keeping out the newly-discovered and highly-infectious COVID-19 strains.

Measures include a national curfew and a temporary ban on flights to South Africa, most South American countries and the United Kingdom. 

This means any passengers bound for the Netherlands, from any foreign country, must take a rapid test prior to departure, as well as a standard PCR test upon arrival.

Meanwhile no official update has been posted by KLM.