The 2019-2020 pensioners at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have petitioned the University authorities over alleged unlawful ex gratia deductions.

The pensioners are claiming authorities deducted 17.5% from senior staff, 10% from junior staff and 25% from Senior members’ ex gratia without their consent.

Speaking to JoyNews, the members implored the university authorities and all parties concerned to stop any further deductions and refund all monies illegally deducted from the ex-workers without any delay before Monday, March 29, 2021, or face their “wrath”.

Over 150 pensioners affected are raising red flags over what they describe as “deliberate and inhuman deduction” aimed at extorting them to aggravate our already sufferings”.

KNUST pensioners petition institution over alleged unlawful ex gratia deduction

In a statement, they said, “what makes us more furious is that an internal memo issued by the university to us was unscripted. The amount given to us was a gift but not ex gratia as it has been in many years.”

According to the pensioners, they have provided all material proof following a meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Prof Rita Akosua Dickson and the Registrar to the finance officer of the institution, Nimo Braffoe and his related partners for a refund.

Unfortunately, the leader of the Pensioners, Ako-Nnubeng Philip Barimaba, stated that the leadership of the university has turned deaf ear to their call.

“We will take legal action against KNUST if the authorities fail to refund our due money with immediate effect because we are fed up with vile promises,” he said.

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