Parliamentary hopeful, Kojo Frempong says he will ensure Wenchi becomes prosperous again and the reference point for growth and development for all constituencies in the country.

The Presidential staffer submitted his forms for consideration as a parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party in the Wenchi constituency. He is contesting 16-year long Member of Parliament, Professor Gyan Baffour and three other candidates. Professor Gyan Baffour is looking to further his stay in the legislature for 20 years.

Kojo Frempong Wenchi

“I believe we can make Wenchi great again,” said Kojo Frempong who has anchored his campaign on restoring Wenchi back to its former glory.

“When I was younger, Wenchi was the town everybody talked about in the Brong Ahafo Region. It was the soul of the region aside Sunyani. In the last 20 years, however, we have seen the supersonic rise of Techiman, a small town which used to be under Kintampo which was rather the town directly administered by Wenchi. 

“The tables have now turned. Wenchi has become the smaller town and Techiman is growing exponentially. The reason is simple. Wenchi’s economic anchors like the tomato processing factory, Tomacan, State Farms, Tobacco Plantations and Animal Husbandry are all gone. A municipality of 120,000 people with no factories and organised value chain development will definitely suffer an economic downturn. This is the reason Wenchi has lost out,” said the parliamentary hopeful.

“To turn the fortunes of Wenchi around, Kojo Frempong says his first cause of action will be to look for the right investments to bring factories and jobs into the constituency. “Wenchi has so many opportunities in cashew, tomato or mango processing, commercial farming and yam value chain development. It could also become an incubating constituency for Technology development and knowledge due to a satellite campus of the Methodist University in the constituency.  When we bring the jobs back to Wenchi, the municipality will become the envy of all soon. This is how we will make Wenchi great again.”

Kojo Frempong Wenchi

Further to aligning his vision for the factories, Kojo Frempong says his focus is to help his constituents gain enlistment in the security services as well as other private-sector jobs by adequately preparing them for such roles.

“By all means, I will use my agency to help my constituents to get into the security services by preparing them. I have already set up a unit that prepares applications or works on them for jobs. If we understand what employers are seeking, we can prepare our constituents with the view to making them the best fit for the jobs. If the students are strong academically, they will be pushed into higher education so they can have opportunities to become high ranking service officers or high-level human resources.

“It cannot be, that, the town which birthed Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia will not be able to show forth the best human capital in the nation. I have already started seeking scholarships in both Ghana and abroad for intelligent students who Wenchi can anchor its future development on. It is critical that we have a plan to make people from Wenchi achieve some particular heights in society. It must be a properly executed vision.  

Kojo Frempong Wenchi

At present, the campaign of the former Television Broadcaster for 2014 and 2015, has hit the ground in Wenchi.  Highlord Badu Acheampong an aide to the Parliamentary candidate said, “we are covering the polling stations. The reception is great.

“He has a message that touches the heart of the delegates. He speaks directly to matters that affect them personally and that is why we are seeing a massive reception for him wherever we go. They simply want to hear what he has to say and they love his approach. After submitting the forms, we will definitely up the ante till victory becomes ours on April 25,” said Acheampong.

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Kojo Frempong WenchiKojo Frempong WenchiKojo Frempong WenchiKojo Frempong Wenchi