Koku Anyidoho said at a point he had to had to sit and watch the ants going up and down the wall in order to keep his sanity intact.

Founder of the Atta Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyidoho, has recounted his traumatic experience while in the custody of the National Security.

According to Mr Anyidoho, although he was not subjected to any form of physical abuse or torture, the loneliness associated with solitary confinement was enough reason to cause anyone to lose his or her sanity.

“In my case, I was not beaten, I was not tortured or manhandled but another part of the trauma is being in solitary confinement when it’s just you alone.

“At a point, I had to sit and watch the ants going up and down the wall and even try to give them names and try to even try to have a conversation with them to be able to engage the brain and keep my sanity intact,” he said.

Mr Anyidoho was invited to appear before the National Security in 2018 after he publicly predicted the overthrow of President Akufo-Addo who was serving his first term.

The tough-talking politician was picked up at the Accra International Press Center by plain-clothed officers during an NDC press conference. About 16 officers besieged the premises to effect the arrest.

Narrating his ordeal on the Super Morning Show, Tuesday, he said the 48-hour stay in the custody of the National Security nearly cost him his sanity had it not been the company of his newly found friends; the wall, an army of ants patrolling the walls and a scourge of mosquitoes hovering about in the building.

“One time they brought me food and I just wanted to know the time. I could see the guy’s watch but he just looked at it and said the watch was not working.

“In fact when you look at the wall of where I was at the BNI, you will see how people who had stayed there for longer periods had to deal with”.

“The whole idea is to make you lose your sense of time and everything so that if you indeed you are involved in something untoward, after a while, you’ll break down and confess.

“Honestly, its an experience you don’t want to have,” he added.