The Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwaku Kwarteng has described as untrue and unfounded comments by a chief in the Volta Region the previous government discriminated against people in the region.

Togbui Afede XIV, president of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs was quoted as saying the people in the region for the past eight years were made to feel they were outsiders.

He was speaking during a three-day visit to the region by President J.E.A. Mills.

But Mr. Kwarteng argues the chief’s claims are not supported by the facts on the ground.

He told Joy News development projects under the Kufuor-led government were fairly distributed.

He challenged Togbui Afede XIV to substantiate his claims.

“I think what he said is an attempt to deepen a certain emergence of ethnicity, unhealthy ethnocentrism in this country and it must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

If he can show that given the population of the Volta Region, budgetary allocation to the region was suppressed in favour of other regions, then he will be raising an issue that we can all discuss.”

Mr. Kwarteng said if the chief had any issue he wished to be discussed he was welcome.

“But this kind of language that the people of (the Volta Region) were made to feel like outsiders is just unhealthy,” he stated.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu/