Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture, Mark Okraku-Mantey has extolled Multimedia Group Limited’s Chief Executive Officer for the fatherly role he played in his life.

The renowned entertainment personality, in an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z on Saturday, recounted how Kwasi Twum sacrificed time to ensure that he had access to proper healthcare.

“When I was 21, 22, and was unwell, he [Kwasi Twum] was the one who used to come and pick me to the hospital,” he told host George Quaye.

Mark Okraku-Mantey also mentioned that Kwasi Twum never shied away from referring to him as a son in public.

The Deputy Tourism Minister also disclosed that he was not raised by his biological father.

According to him, his surname, Okraku-Mantey, is the name of the man who took care of him.

“I am Moses who appeared in Pharaoh’s home and that Pharaoh is Okraku-Mantey. In all my years that I have lived, it is one Okraku-Mantey who believed in me as Moses, brought me up, made me who I am and another man, Kwasi Twum, took over,” he mentioned.

“I am saying this to inspire the younger ones who don’t believe in step mums and dads. A lot of people make step mum and dad’s look bad because they have taken the title step,” he continued.

Mark Okraku-Mantey, before his appointment as a Deputy Minister, was the Programmes Manager of Hitz FM, a radio station owned by the Multimedia Group Limited.

At 47, the former DJ is one of the youngest appointees in the current government.

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