Deputy head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Ecobank Ghana, Dr Kasser-Tee, has called on all Ghanaians to join hands to fight against the stigmatisation and discrimination of people with mental health issues.

He made this call on Wednesday whiles delivering a solidarity message from the bank at a joint press launch of World Mental Health Day.

According to him, Ecobank is willing to partner and support this year’s mental health agenda because it fits into the 2021 Ecobank Day celebrations agenda, thus the “Together For Better Health” with a sub-theme “Mental Health, Let’s Speak About It!”

He said they are; therefore, prepared to “forge the right alliances to bring attention to mental health issues.”

Let’s come together to fight stigma and discrimination against mental health – Dr Kasser-Tee

He noted that Ecobank Ghana is providing support for capacity building training for Regional Mental Health coordinators in collaboration with Ghana Mental Health Authority.

“We will be creating awareness of mental health through all our social media platforms, as well as intensify staff sensitisation on Mental health,” he added.

He also stated that the Bank, as part of the World Mental Health Day, will organize “a webinar on October 22, 2021, in all 33 countries to discuss stigma and discrimination.”

The planned activities for Year 3, this year, under Stigma and Discrimination are:

  • Joining the World Mental Health Day on the Theme: Mental health in an unequal world
  • Focus: Stigma, discrimination, and wellness, encompassing self-care and support
  • Our sub theme for the 2021 Ecobank Day is: Mental Health, Let’s Speak About It!

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