The recently held Eastern Camp Adventure by Joy FM has imprinted lasting memories on the minds of its patrons.

Most of these campers, enthused by the experiences, have called on Joy FM to organise another fun-filled trip for its listeners soon.

Joy FM, in the past, has put together similar tourism events like Conquer Ghana Tour, Western Escape, Savannah Safari, Afadjato Conquest, Kayaking on the Volta Lake and many other adventurous and fun trips across the country. Those were very educative, fun and memorable moments to mark the Ghana Month celebration.

Speaking to Joy FM after the trip, some of the campers expressed their excitement about the tour and said they were eagerly waiting for the next one.

"If we are going again tomorrow, I will go. Who would want to miss such a good package?" a patron called Benedict told Kofi Hayford on Drive Time.

Another camper had earlier told Joy News' Maxwell Agbagba that "I can't wait for the next trip. I really had a good time. Thank you, Joy FM."

For 74-year-old Mary Akorful, Joy FM's credibility is the reason she does not miss any programme organised by the station.

"When there is news break out, Joy will be the first. And when you hear news on Joy, it is the truth. You wouldn't have to crosscheck," she said..

"Don't forget to do this every year and we your listeners will always come," a patron told Maxwell.

The Adventure

On 16th March, 2024 the campers set off for the trip, starting off at Awukugua, where Okomfo Anokye was born. Anokye was the first traditional priest of the Ashanti Empire. He is known for his participation in the expansion of the empire. He was also the codifier of the constitution and laws of the Ashanti Empire. Although he was born at Awukugua, he gained more prominence when he went to the Ashanti state at the behest of the Ashanti King, Osei Tutu I.

At Awukugua, the Joy FM campers were warmly received and a story of Okomfo Anokye was told. The patrons were taken to the house in which Okomfo Anokye was born. There, no one was allowed to take their sandals in; neither were those who wore caps and hats were allowed in. It was also told that women in their menses were prohibited from entering the place.

Another historical place the campers visited was where a stone from which an oware game board was hewn with the heels of Okomfo Anokye, is situated. Legend has it that the holes Okomfo Anokye dug with his heels represent the seven major towns of the Okere people: Abiriw, Dawu, Awukugua, Adukrom, Apirede, Aseseeso and Abonse. This stone, according to the tour guide, contains gold.

The patrons were also taken to a place where Okomfo Anokye felled a palm tree and broke into a wall.

The Asenema Waterfalls was the next destination, just about 15 minutes drive away from Adukrom Akuapem. The place was discovered by a farmer called Emmanuel K. Mantey in 1931 but was opened to the public in 1995.

The campers had a swell time, taking shower under the flowing water, taking pictures and socialising.

At the camp site in Aburi, patrons were greeted with a variety of local drinks including palm wine, lamugin, soboolo, asaana, among others. There were also various traditional dishes like fufu, banku, and kenkey.

In the evening of Saturday, after tents had been allocated to campers and dinner taken, there were various engaging activities. The campers shared stories about themselves, as they enjoyed good music, food and dance.

There were also giveaways from Woodin. Patrons who answered questions about Ghana correctly, were given Woodin fabric.

An infectious jama session took place, where campers sang and danced round a bonfire.

Entertainment on the trip was diverse as film lovers had the opportunity to binge on a couple of movies until they finally retired to bed on the Saturday night.

On Sunday morning (17th March, 2024), the campers went hiking after which they were driven to the Safari Valley Resort.

The Safari Valley Resort, is located in the Okere District. The patrons were taken round to see various types of animals and plant species: zebra, fallow deer, wallabies, sable antelopes, patagonian mara, guinea fowl, silver pheasants, emus, vulturine guinea fowl, crested guinea fowl, and bushback.

There were various recreational activities like cycling, table tennis, basket ball, and ludo.

The Safari Valley Resort has 9-hole golf course, lawn tennis, football pitch, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton, arts & crafts centre, horse riding, a conference centre, church building, among other services.

The Eastern Camp Adventure is one of the programmes put together to celebrate the Ghana Month initiative.

The Programmes Manager of Joy FM, Edem Knight - Tay, had explained that the station was bent on projecting Ghana’s tourism potential through some of these initiatives.

Also in attendance were Joy FM's lead producer Philip Nai, Drive Time host Lexis Bill, and Joy News' Maxwell Agbagba.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.