The National President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) Anthony Forson Junior, has called on Ghanaians to collectively re-examine endemic corruptive practices in the country, with a view to ending them.

“We need to examine bribery which has now been normalized and accepted through gift-giving, which actively seeks to influence official conduct to the detriment of the people, who by merit, deserve the opportunities snatched from them, and from the people who have no monies to compete with such endemic corruptive practices.”  

Mr. Anthony Forson Junior was addressing this year’s Annual General Conference of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), held in the Upper East Regional Capital, Bolgatanga . The conference is on the theme, “Ensuring an increase in revenue mobilisation through taxation for the purpose of accelerated national development: The role of the Lawyer”.

One issue he raised, which is connected to endemic corruption is the phenomenon of “whom you know”, which is prevalent in our societies.

“It has become an accepted way of life that persons of power and influence interfere in official functions of public officers and exert undue influence.”

Mr Forson said, “Such ill conducts balloon into habits, and soon into culture, robbing us all and posterity, the future we always desire for our nation and our people”.

Without citing any specific cases, Mr Forson said that the GBA has taken notice of recent cases from the courts across the country, discouraging such wrongdoings in our society.

He therefore commended the judiciary but urged them that there’s more room for improvement.

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