An epidemiologist says coronavirus tests are not being done as aggressively as it used to be, hence, the reduction in Covid-19 cases in the country.

According to Dr. Benedict Calys-Tagoe, the new cases being recorded are direct products of the country’s testing rate adding that the number of testing compared to previously is gradually declining.

“If we are testing more and the disease is in the community we will be picking up more. If we are testing more and the disease is not there we will be picking up less. However, we are testing less, it stands to reason we will pick up less. So, the number of active cases is just one side of the story.”

Speaking on Midday News on Joy FM, he explained that some people are asymptomatic and carry the virus but have not been tested.

“Bearing in mind that over 50% of the diagnosed cases did not show any signs or symptoms.”

Dr Calys-Tagoe added that there is a possibility that there are cases in many communities that have not been picked up.

He stated that those cases cannot be ruled out, hence, Ghanaians should tread cautiously in celebrating the decrease in active cases.

His comment follows President Akufo-Addo’s assertions that government must be lauded for its effort in fighting the virus during his 15th address to the nation.

According to the President, there are also no cases recorded in the North East, Savannah, Upper East and Upper West Regions and charged the citizens to do their best to keep the case count at zero.

However, the MP believes it is erroneous for anyone to assume these regions have zero cases because not everyone in those parts had been tested.

He explained that it is more appropriate to say that “for those who have been tested no cases have been recorded.”

According to him, that way, people would have accurate information on the Covid-19 status in their regions.

“Granted we don’t have the capacity to be testing everybody. That is a limitation. So we should make that limitation known so that every result we churn out will be interpreted in the light of that limitation.”

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Justice Yankson is also urging goverment to focus on rigorous testing as it initiates plans to open up the economy.