Mahogany Consult has been adjudged Best in Social Media Communication at the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) National PR and Communications Excellence Awards 2021 held in Akosombo.

The award was presented to the organisation that planned and implemented the most effective year-round public relations engagement with selected core publics on social media.

It was also shortlisted for three other entries; Best Community Relations programme of the Year, PR campaign of the Year and Most Outstanding Agency of the Year. 

Managing Partner at Mahogany Consult, Esi Asante Antwi, described the award as timely, encouraging and team inspiring.

She said, “winning this award demonstrates the agency’s quality of work in the PR and communications space, with focus on social media as a powerful communications tool”. 

Managing Partner of the company, Baaba Cofie pronounced the award “a foretaste of the next decade for MC’s digital portfolio.”

She stated “our agency will be 10 years in February 2022. Over the past decade, as we witnessed the immense growth in digital communication, we built a strong and well-resourced team to deliver in that space as well. 

“It has been a decade of adding value to our clients’ work, their persons and the PR sector in Ghana. We are therefore excited to move into our 10th year with this honour.”

Mrs Asante Antwi said, “We are passionate about public relations in Ghana; not only the work of our clients but equally importantly, training the next generation of communicators.”

She added that “although our 10 years journey has had its fair share of business, client and sector challenges, we have soared above all of them and are enthusiastic as we begin our New Year with this feat. 

Mrs Asante Antwi, on behalf of the management of MC, said, “we did all this with immense support from our hardworking and committed staff, our dear families and our cherished friends. To all of them, we say thank you and God richly bless you.”

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