The world might not have heard about the military exploits of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama if he were still alive. It might not have perhaps come to know how caring a daddy and a husband the soldier was to his sons Jaden, Jerry and the wife Barbara Mahama.

If he were alive, the media may not have been driven to write about him as they have done. Major Mahama's death has given meaning to the saying that 'Death is a bridge that connects souls together.'

His painful death has brought Ghanaians together in a most unique way.

An effigy of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama on his way to the military cemetery

When his innocent blood poured on the Denkyira-Obuasi land out of anguish after he was horridly slayed last Monday, the hearts of Ghanaians were convicted.

The conscience of the citizens was enlightened to push for a reform to the kind of behavior that is anathema to justice – mob injustice.

Wife of deceased Barbara Mahama walked to lay a wreath on behalf of her children

Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was murdered at Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region by some residents who claimed they mistook him for an armed robber.

For two grueling hours the senior military officer was clobbered and stoned amidst pleas that he was a soldier. He had a weapon on him but he decided not to use it against the people who were bent on ending his life.

A mourner shed uncontrollable tears at the funeral ground

He held back his tears and continued to plead with his torturers to spare his life but they would have none of that.

The harmless soldier who threw his hands in the air in surrender was harmed never to wake up again. He was later torched with fire.

Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye

Mob justice has been going on in the country for some time now without any condemnation but Major Mahama’s death has done something that the rest did not do.

His death has unified the voices of condemnation and blunted the lines of politics that have put a knife on the unity of the country for decades.

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor was in attendance

The General Secretary of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia had wanted to weave politics into the discussions but he became a loner as no one supported him.

Former President John Mahama was there to lay a wreath on behalf of the deceased family

NDC’s 2016 Presidential Candidate, former President John Dramani Mahama cautioned Ghanaians against playing politics with the Major’s death.

At the state burial held at the State House Friday, the divisive works of politics were not given free reign.

The military hierarchy paid a glowing tribute to the fallen hero

The mourners were united in their condemnation of mob attacks. Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia reiterated government’s promise to serve justice to the fallen hero.

“We all stand together in mourning that no other family has to go through this again,” the Second gentleman of the country said.

The murder of Major Mahama convicted the hearts of Ghanaians to rise against mob injustice

Despite chants by mourners for ‘war’ to be declared on the people of Denkyira-Obuasi, the Vice President pleaded for cool heads.

“Major Maxwell Mahama has brought us all together in a way that is remarkable,” he said silencing unrepentant voices clamouring for vengeance.

Tears gushed out as though a tap had been opened but much of it were shed by strangers for a man they would never have known about had he not sacrifice his life for this country.