The Koforidua Circuit Court B has convicted a 39-year-old farmer for incest and the defilement of his 15-year-old daughter.

James Tetteh was found guilty on two counts of defilement contrary to section 101(2) of the Criminal and other Offences act 29/60 and incest, contrary to section 101(1) of the criminal and other offences act 29/60.

The victim and the accused who live together at Akyem Abomoso in the Eastern region, were observed an uncle to be in an unusual relationship.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Owusu Ababio, told the court that, this uncle convinced her to confide in him, eventually, leading to her revelation of her recent sexual relationships the accused.

It was after this confession that the uncle reported the case to the Abomoso Police Station leading to the apprehension of the Tetteh.

According to the Chief Inspector Owusu Ababio, the defendant was arrested and cautioned but his daughter was sent for a medical examination.

The certified medical report indicated that the victim was pregnant for 14 weeks and 2 days for her father.

James Tetteh pleaded guilty to all the charges levelled against him.

Presiding Judge, Mercy Adeei Kotey, sentenced the defendant to 20 years for each offence which will run concurrently.

However, she expressed disappointment in James Tetteh for meting out such a crime on his biological daughter.

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