The Asamakese circuit court has sentenced a 38-year-old farmer to 15 years imprisonment in hard labour for sexually abusing his daughter.

The convict, Kofi Oppong, pleaded guilty to the charge of incest contrary to section 105(1) of the criminal code 1960(Act 29).

The court presided over by His Honour Abubakari Abass Adams convicted him on his own plea.

Presenting the facts in court, Inspector Susan Ayaric, the prosecutor, said the complaint is a trader, whiles the convict was a farmer and father of the victim who resides in Akwatia.

The prosecutor said Kofi Oppong had divorced his wife who is currently living in the Volta region.

According to him, the complainant who is an aunty to the victim lived with her in Akwatia Zongo.

He explained that the victim who is mentally deranged left home on February,14 last year to stay with her father at New Town, a suburb of Akwatia.

The prosecutor said on April 25, this year the victim came to the complainant and was complaining of stomach pain.

He said she revealed to her that she was pregnant with her father, explaining that, during interrogation, she showed her antenatal card.

The complainant later reported the issue to the police and a medical form was issued by the police for a test at the hospital which proved she was pregnant.

The accused person was subsequently arrested.

In his caution statement, the accused admitted the offence and said he did that out of loneliness.

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