The incessant calls by a mother for the end of an eight-year-old relationship between her daughter and a man, has turned bloody as the man has murdered the would have been in-law.

The man, Emmanuel Kwofie, 33, killed his lover’s mother, Madam Elizabeth Nkrumah, 66, for not accepting the relationship.

This happened in the Appollo community in the Effia Kwesimintsim Municipality of the Western Region.

According to an eyewitness account, the deceased has never been in favour of the relationship between Emmanuel Kwofie, a chop bar operator, also deceased, and her daughter who is a graduate of a Teacher Training College .

The persistent resistance which might have angered and shattered the love dream of the man, resulted in his shooting Madam Elizabeth Nkrumah to death and shooting himself in the abdomen, leading to his death.

The daughter (whose name is withheld for security reasons) is however in the safe hands of the Police, while the whole community is in a state of shock and anguish over the bizarre incident.

The partners have one child.

Some residents the GNA spoke with, attributed the killing to the many years of love enjoyed by the parties and the anxiety to boycott the love affair on the grounds that the man is not up to the standard of the lady in terms of wealth, educational background, and also because of ethnic differences.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alfred Hughes, a Broadcaster and Historian has called on parents to avoid interference in their children’s relationship.

“As parents, you can only give the best of advise… eight years journey is a long one,” he added.

The Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Olivia Adiku who confirmed the story, said the gun has been retrieved and the bodies have been taken to the morgue for preservation and further investigation.

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