A decision by the Education Ministry for teacher trainees to undergo the mandatory one year National Service, has left many of them infuriated.

The agitated trainees do not understand why they are being compelled to partake in the service when they have already done one year of teaching practice.

According to them, government also promised to have them posted once they have written their licensure examinations.

They have written the exams as directed but their postings, as promised, are yet to be done.

Over a hundred of them demonstrated against the Education Ministry’s directive on Wednesday over what they claim is an imposition of policies on them.

Chanting “post us now, post us now, post us now,” the teachers say they are not prepared to do the National Service, all they want is to start actual work.

Joy News’ Nancy Emefa Dzradosi was with the protestors where some of them vented their anger at government.

“This government is frustrating our procedures. The normal thing we know is that when we are done we get posted by GES automatically. In February we were directed by GES to register online with them such that our details will be with them and after completion we were made to write licensure examination.

“We were waiting for results and then all of a sudden last month they brought another directive that we should register as national service personnel. They are imposing their policies on us and it is unfair for government to do that to us,” one of the angry teachers said.

If the idea is to extend the mandatory national service to the teacher training colleges, the best way, in their view is for government to consult them and other stakeholders before any such policies are made.

The teacher trainees intend to present a petition to the Vice President’s office.