Medeama Sporting Club have decided to part company with coach Prince Yaw Owusu.

The Club by mutual consent have ended their relationship with Owusu, weeks after missing out on semi-final of the CAF Confederation Cup.

They have also confirmed entrusting Technical director Evans Adotey with the job till the end of  the current campaign.

Disappointed with the club’s inability to achieve an historic semi-final berth, angry fans prevented head coach Prince Owusu from training the team couple of days after elimination.

Thereafter, Owusu decided to stay away from the team, failing to show up on the bench in their last three Premier League games.

And the club has finally released a statement confirming it has parted company.

"Medeama Sporting Club and coach Prince Yaw Owusu have parted ways by mutual consent," a club statement read.

"The club would like to thank Owusu for his immense contribution since he returned to Tarkwa.

"Both management and the coach believe it is in the best interest of both parties to go our separate ways.

"The club wishes to make clear coach Prince Owusu leaves us on good terms and will always remain respected and significant figure at Medeama.

The club confirmed technical director Augustine Evans Adotey will take charge of the team until the end of the season.

"Technical Director Augustine Evans Adotey takes charge of the team and will be assisted by Ben Owu until the end of the season.


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