Some members of the Ejisu Presby Church are demanding the removal of their Head Pastor, Reverend Daniel Akwasi Asenso.

They have locked up the church auditorium, accusing the pastor of failing to render financial account to the congregation.

Last Sunday, about 500 aggrieved members denied other worshipers access to the church auditorium.

They have leveled seven allegations which include autocratic behaviour towards members against the head pastor who also doubles as the District Pastor in the area.

They have vowed not to open the facility until authorities compel him to account to members, and subsequently transfer him.

Attempts by the Municipal Security to intervene have yielded no results.

Spokesperson for the aggrieved members, Dr. Oduro Ankrah, accuses the Asante Presbytery of failing to act on a petition they filed seven months ago.

”It’s been seven months since we reported this matter to the Asante Presbytery for amicable resolution but to no avail. Though Rev Asenso admits all allegations we raised against him in the presence of our leaders, they keep telling you different stories each time you go there. We’re fed up with them”.

According to Dr. Ankrah, though the church’s constitution stipulates accounts should be rendered every quarter; Rev Asenso has failed to do so.

“He called in police but the police agreed the church should remain closed until he renders accounts”.

Dr. Ankrah argued members of the church can no longer worship with Reverend Asenso because of his behaviour.

“We cannot accommodate him any longer; he should be transferred because we are fed up”.

At times, he will cast insinuations in sermons against church members who disagree with him on such matters, he claimed.

“They should take him away so we can continue to worship our Lord”.

Both Reverend Asenso and Asante Presbytery Chairman, Reverend Dr. Kwabena Opuni, have declined comment on the issue.