A relationship pundit, Esinam Batali still cannot fathom why some men “box” their wives, based on the rather conflicting expectations of society.

According to the gender activist, some men still live in the patriarchal days, where masculinity ruled.

“The box they are trying to put us in is that, the ideal woman and how she should be in an African setting. The woman should be calm, quiet, knows how to keep a home and when her husband talks she should say ‘Yes m’ewura’.

She said this when contributing to the topic; “21st Century Woman: Entitled or Reasonable” on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy, all girls discussion programme.

“They want someone who is a rock star in bed but calm and meek person when they are out. They want somebody who can do acrobatics in the bedroom but is very unassuming when they go out,” she said.

But for Center Manager at Marina Mall, Afua Brachiewaa Obeng, although men are the heads of the family, they must still know the worth of women.

In her view, a relationship must be a partnership between the man and the woman.

“I am a church girl, so from where I am coming from, the man is the head of the family. But it doesn’t mean that he should come and sit on your happiness and make you a slave.

“Men can still make women into who they want to, by still being the head of the home. You know, they say, men are the head but women are the neck and it is the neck that turns the head around,” she added.