Founder of Junior Shapers Africa and an advocate for boy empowerment, Ethel Adjorlolo, has admonished parents to be intentional about avoiding stereotyping when raising their children.

She says both boys and girls should be treated equally on the bases of respect and in terms of allocating responsibilities, in order to accelerate progress on gender equality.

Speaking on the Strong and Sassy show on Wednesday, June 10, 2022, she stated that boys should be groomed to complement the girls being empowered.

She stressed that “girls should not be limited to the kitchen. Boys should also not be limited to doing the ‘macho’ stuff. Parents should have a roster in the house and let the kids work in turns. Let them all have an experience of what it takes to be in the kitchen, and what it takes to wash a cup.

“Give them the versatile experience so that they can be total men and women who can survive any condition,” she stated.

“If you’re a mother and you’re raising your boys, raise them in such a way that the next girl will meet a better husband than you have now. Just train your boys to be phenomenal. They should be better than their fathers,” she said.

Ethel, made the remarks when she was featured on the fifth edition of the ‘My story series,’ which brings to the fore stories of women.

She shared an amazing story of how she decided to be a doctor for young boys and how her decision has impacted the lives of many young boys.

Ethel revealed that she has been able to empower about 7,000 young boys since she started embarking on her ‘male empowerment drive.’