The coronavirus pandemic has quelled large gatherings but nonetheless, Radio/TV presenter Merqury Quaye threw a massive onscreen party on Friday’s edition of JoyPrime’s Hot Picks show.

The show which was dubbed “The Quarantine TV Jam” is the first of its kind in Ghana which provides viewers with an hour of non-stop hits.

The Disc Jockey, Merqury Quaye, who doubled as the hype man and DJ for the day had everyone from police officers at post to individuals isolating at home jamming along to some of the best hit songs.

Viewers who were tuned in sent videos of them jamming along, others texted and some viewers also called into the show to express their gratitude for an entertaining program.

Some also requested the Hotpicks which happens every Monday to Friday at 2:30 pm should be dedicated to the quarantine jams – to help people at home cope with the lockdown.