Partys has become synonymous with birthday celebration but for a young businesswoman Helen Akyea, the most important day of her life was dedicated to responding to some needs of the 37 Military Hospital.

Marking the day, Madam Akyea who is also the chief executive officer of Miemie Code, an apparel importing firm, donated a television set to the paediatric ward of the hospitals.

Children on admission at the Nkrumah ward of the hospital were also provided with undisclosed items.

Helen Ayea donate

She tells Joy News the gesture was in response to an appeal from the ward.

“I consider this a corporate social responsibility and it’s something I intend to do occasionally,” she added.

Helen Akyea donate 1

Managers of the hospital expressed gratitude for the gesture and appealed to corporate Ghana to extend a hand to the facility.Helen Akyea donate 2