Ghanaian technology company Mitgapp Ltd. is poised to take cyber security solutions to another level after a year of pioneering innovations in cybersecurity services provisions in the country.

As part of its plans, the company will from next year start educating businesses and organizations on the new threats of cyber space and will stand ready to help them build resistance systems and meet other cybersecurity needs, Chief Executive Officer Frederick Akordor, said in an interview.

“With leadership and key personnel made of people who have trained on the subject matter in the U.K. and worked on various projects for clients around the world, the company abounds in expertise for modern cybersecurity practices,’’ Akordor said. 

He added, “We are well placed to understand an organization’s business risks in order to provide pragmatic security advice on procedural, policy and technical controls including, regulatory compliance, hardening/lockdown requirements and all levels of protective monitoring.’’

The company conducts and manages end-to-end security assessments, depending on clients’ demand. Security audits are carried out to enable businesses and organizations know the gaps in their cybersecurity controls, as well as helping them to be prepared and compliant to local laws and regulatory requirements prior to any external compliance assessments.

It was due to Mitgapp’s exceptional expertise and commitment to client satisfaction that the global Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), in September 2019, signed a partnership agreement with Mitgapp to deliver its training courses for companies and individuals in frontier markets, including Ghana.

Ghana needs the right regulatory environment while companies and organizations the more must be aware of the growing risks, Akordor said. Starting in the U.K. about five years ago, the company has continually invested in knowledge and research, by which it has achieved significant results for its clients, he said.

“The country can achieve maximum results in all spheres of endeavour when cybersecurity controls and a formidable architecture for fighting internet fraud and data breaches are put in place.”

As Ghana takes steps to strengthen cybersecurity regulations and protocols, it is expected that Ghanaian tech innovators such as Mitgapp will be at the forefront of spearheading this agenda.