Trending 15-year-old footballer, Mizak Asante, has had a heady few days.

On Sunday afternoon, the Middle League match between his team, Golden Kicks FC and Mobile Phone People FC, became a global topic after the teenager's solo goal was captured on video.

The Division 2 match has catapulted the youngster to sudden fame, with the Guardian, football legend Gary Lineker and publications around the world marvelling at the skill involved.

Joy Sports George Addo Jnr caught up with the player to talk about how the goal has been received and more.

George Addo: How did you handle all the celebration and frenzy after your goal?

Mizak Asante: The celebration and frenzy made me happy, but I wasn’t overly-happy because I know it’s something I normally do. That wasn’t my first time. So many people are excited about it and I also am, because not everyone can pull that off. However, since it’s something I do regularly I am not getting over myself.

George: You’ve said it all. But you realize amongst all the goals you’ve scored, none have taken over the internet like this. What was the reaction towards you like? Were there any calls you received?

Asante: I have received lots and lots of calls. But the time and the fact I just came off the bench to score that goal is what has made the goal so popular.

George: Walk us through what was going on in your mind as you were scoring the goal…

Asante: When you’re playing football and you enter the 18-yard-box, you become king in there because once someone touches you it becomes a penalty. If you watch the goal closely, you’ll realize that when the ball first came to my left, the player I dribbled first pulled himself away from the challenge because he wanted to avoid a possible penalty. We had already had one penalty earlier, and missed, and they didn’t want to concede another.

When I watch the video, I realize that the guy on my left pulled himself away. But the guy who came in for the second tackle guessed that I’ll be taking the ball back to my right foot. And since I had the idea he’ll take be thinking that way, I did the opposite. At this point I was one-on-one with the keeper.

My teammate, Allotei, shouted out at me to pass him the ball. Because of that, the keeper thought I was in a very tight angle, so he [the keeper] decided to cover the passing angle to Allotei. But I had already decided to hold on to the ball and keep moving towards goal. That was why the keeper fell, then I scored.

George: Which player do you watch a lot and try to imitate?

Asante: I watch a lot of players but the one I like very much is Kylian Mbappe. I like how direct he is with the ball and his pace as well.

George: What about your neighborhood boys? How did they react?

Asante: As for them, they’ve made the goal greater than I see it.

George: I had some information that you were not fully fit in the game…

Asante: That’s true. From the time we started the league till now that we have qualified by God’s grace, I wasn’t 100%. I played the first game [of the season] and scored from a penalty. That was the only game I played, I missed all others. I joined at the playoffs and by God’s grace I made a name for myself there and at the final too.

George: What did your coach tell you after scoring the goal?

Asante: He’s done a lot for me because when I came he gave me new boots although I had mine. He believes in my potential so he is not afraid of doing things for me.

George: Have your parents reached out to you? What did they say?

Asante: Oh yes, they have. Everyone’s called me. My mom called first and told me she wasn’t able to watch the game however, she’s seen the videos. However, at the time she called me, she hadn’t seen the videos so she asked how the game went. I told her about the game but not what I did. So it was this morning she called and told me how glad she was.

George: How did your career start?

Asante: My father’s side of the family are footballers. My elder brother was at Star Madrid in Division One. He’s also very good at football but everyone in my family is a defender, I’m the only attacking player in the family.

George: How did it all happen? From school to football?

Asante: I was in school but I started football with Heritage in Kumasi, my brother’s team. I kept playing there till a senior of mine, Martin Antwi, who was at Inter Allies, helped me get here. Martin became captain at WAFA before moving to Kotoko. I don’t know where exactly he plays now, but he’s left the country. I extend gratitude to him as well, because it is because of him I’m at Golden Kicks. Five of us moved here from Kumasi. There was a break and when we were supposed to return, the others couldn’t make it – not for financial reasons, but they felt they couldn’t put up with the challenge here. With me, however, I was motivated to play football.

George: People are now asking that your goal is nominated for FIFA’s best goal award. Yaw Yeboah in Poland also scored a similar goal, but winning such an award will make you very happy, no?

Asante: I will be very happy, but I haven’t seen Yeboah’s goal. I will have to look for it now.

George: Now that Golden Kicks is in division 1 what is your ambition?

Asante: If I receive offers from any other clubs, I will move on but I don’t mind staying with Golden Kicks. They have contributed to who I am now.

George: Milovan Rajevac is invested in young talents so how will you feel with a Black Stars call-up?

Asante: I will be very happy with a call from the Black Stars. It is one of my biggest targets. I pray towards it, it is a dream of mine.

George: Are there any European clubs you watch frequently and support?

Asante: Bayern Munich.

George: Black Stars and Bayern will be for the long-term, but Hearts and Kotoko could be involved in transfer moves for you. What will be your decision?

Asante: If I happen to receive offers from any of those two, I will have to listen to which of the two my manager suggests for me.

George: So you’re open-minded and not inclined to any one club?

Asante: Yeah. We’ve been through a lot before getting to where we are now. Constant prayers at dawn because God is king overall. It is not every team which involves God in their activities, we don’t follow the culture of black magic. We depend on God for everything so even if we are down with a minute to go, we believe God is King so we will equalize.

George: What’s your nickname?

Asante: Sir Bayyy

George: Can you explain how you got it?

Asante: I don’t really get it but that’s how we used to call my father’s friend. If you say Sir Bellington he’ll say ‘brɛo, brɛo na ɛyɛ’ [slow and steady wins the race]. I was named after him so my mom and everyone else just used that name for me too.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.