Telecom giant, MTN Ghana, says it has adopted strategies to re-register several millions of its customers in the ongoing SIM card re-registration exercise.

They include provision of the registration services at institutions, markets, among others.

There had been long queues at some of the service centers of the company since the registration begun this week.

But at a virtual forum, Senior Manager in charge of Regulatory Affairs, Samuel Bartels, said the company was working around the clock to meet the 31st March, 2021 deadline given by the government through the National Communications Authority (NCA).

”We give regular feedback to the regulator on these challenges and we have documented all the feedback but we cannot do anything outside of their directive.”

”It is important for the public to know that the bio data we are collecting is not sitting with us. It is for the state. We are only doing what we have been directed to do”, he pointed out.

The other limitation of the app, according to him, is compatible with very few handheld devices, and therefore MTN and other telecommunication operators are unable to recruit all of their agents across the country to help with the exercise.

“During the previous SIM registration, our agents were able to help because the process did not involve any such app but this time we could acquire a limited number of compliant devices for some agents but not all”.

He assured that MTN Ghana is doing its possibly best to run at least 200 registration points across the country to curb the long queues.

Since the beginning of the week, several subscribers have been queuing for several hours at the service centers to re-register their SIM Cards.

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