Telecommunication Company, MTN Ghana has debunked rumours that it has lost records of its Qwikloan services.

This comes after rumours started circulating on social media that MTN has lost its data on the Qwikloan services due to the undersea fibre cut which occurred on Thursday.

“Data on Qwikloan are stored securely and under no circumstance will an undersea fibre cut affect data storage for the service,” the disclaimer stated.

MTN disclaimer

On Thursday, January 16, numerous subscribers on the Telecommunication Company complained about their inability to access internet connectivity.

MTN however, blamed the disruptions on “international undersea fiber cable cut.”

The mobile telephony company gave an assurance that it is working “tirelessly” to fully restore the mobile data connectivity issues and the challenge was resolved later that Saturday.

“We are glad to report that we have resolved all issues with our internet service,” the statement read.