Despite missing out of the last edition of the African Cup of Nations through injury, Sulley Muntari is determined to see Ghana make up for the title miss.

Ghana, missing six key players including the Inter Milan player rode on to the finals in Angola only to lose to Egypt, 1-0 two years ago.

Now back in the squad, Muntari is keen to help the Black Stars to the title to end a 30-year long wait regardless of how difficult the competition would be.

Muntari in an interview with ESPN ahead of the teams travel to Gabon, says the frustrations of the past is driving him to win something.

“[It] is going to mean a lot because it’s been a long time that Ghana has won the trophy,” Muntari said.

“And we are approaching there, closely. The feeling is there so we want to do something important this year so we are training towards the competition. And we want to do something important by winning the trophy.”

Along with the pressure of having to achieve something, Muntari is happy with the atmosphere in the Ghana camp.

“It’s a wonderful atmosphere always in the Ghana camp because you feel at home and we are all brothers, That’s the most important thing,” he said.

“We are one as a group so we move together and make sure we do everything together and we don’t really fight. And we don’t really do bad stuff among ourselves.

“It keeps the motivation high. We manage to keep ourselves cool and then we obey the coach and obey ourselves. We trust ourselves and respect ourselves and we are having a great time now.”

Ghana launch their Nations Cup campaign against Botswana on Tuesday and also have to deal with Guinea and Mali in Group D.


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