The Muslim Caucus in Parliament and other Muslim stakeholders are calling on the ummah to exercise restraint and stay calm as the group patiently awaits the response of the Methodist Church concerning the Wesley Girls’ Ramadan fast impasse after a meeting with the Church leaders.

The Muslim Caucus had met with the leadership of the Methodist Church and had cordial discussion on the refusal of Wesley Girls School authorities refusing to allow Muslim students in the school fast.

Though the Muslim Caucus is yet to receive a formal reply from the Church concerning the meeting, the Methodist Church in a press statement had rejected a Ghana Education Service (GES) directive to Wesley Girls to allow Muslim students partake in the Ramadan fast.

The Church had stated that the school’s rule on fasting is a long-standing one that is also non-religious and various renowned Muslim ladies in Ghana have passed through the school adhering to it.

According to the Muslim Caucus, the Church’s response to the GES took them aback.

However, “The leadership of the Muslim stakeholders under patronage of the National Chief Imam is still waiting to hear from the leadership of the Methodist Church on the outcome of the meeting as we were assured.”

They have, therefore, appealed to “the good people of Ghana and the Muslim Ummah particularly our Muslim students and youth, to continue to remain calm as Muslim leadership continue to engage all stakeholders connected to the matter including the Methodist Church of Ghana, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to cordially resolve the matter in the interest of our country.”

The called on all Ghanaians who may wish to comment on the issue to do so with restraint in their choice of words in order to not endanger the long fostered peace and unity in the country.

“We also wish to entreat fellow Ghanaians, especially our non-Muslim brethren who wish to comment on the matter publicly to exercise restraints in their choice of words and avoid politicizing this matter of genuine concern to Ghanaian Muslims in the interest of peace and harmony.”

“Needless to say that we still have confidence in the leadership of the Methodist Church, the Minister of Education, and the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service together with the Board of Wesley Girls High School to resolve the issue without allowing it to degenerate into anything untoward,” they concluded.