The family of 27-year-old man who was allegedly shot dead at Agbogba in Accra last Sunday have disputed the police’s claim that he was an armed robber.

According to them, Emmanuel Amofa was only a victim of circumstance when the police stormed a pub and in their bid to apprehend some suspects, shot at him on suspicion he was a robber.

“All we are asking for is justice for my brother, we will take the legal side later but before we bury him, we want everyone to know that my brother was nowhere near the word, armed robber,” sister of the deceased, Nana Akua Amofa said.

According to her, the police report said, Amofa was part of three men who were seen at the pub smoking, with one of them in possession of a gun concealed around his waist.

This, Nana Akua disputes saying, “my brother lives with me, I feed and clothe him, he does not go out…his friends tell me they have not even seen him outside after 10 pm.

“The pub we are talking about is by the roadside and it is not hidden. It is an open pub so my brother entering the pub is not like he is going to hide in there.”

According to her, the family is in shock as to why the police have tagged Amofa as a criminal because the deceased cannot hurt even a fly.

“If the police will come out and say ‘we shot at the wrong person and allowed the actual criminals to run away and we are sorry’ that will be fine. But for the police to tag my brother as an armed robber, no way!” 

Nana Akua disclosed that her parents have been heavily affected by the incident.

“My dad has a heart problem and he keeps crying when he looks at my late brother’s pictures in disbelief.

“My mother is also unwell and she has not been able to talk due to the nature of the trauma she is going through. She nearly collapsed the other day,” she added.

The police are yet to comment on the issue.  

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