A strange calabash has been discovered in an over 70-year-old tree after it was cut down at Tema Community 2.

A resident whose name was only given as Kwabena decided to cut down the tree which was becoming a threat to human life.

Kwabena told Adom News the roots of the tree were extending and growing into the ground.

He explained he contacted the appropriate authorities to secure a permit before cutting down the tree and afterward, hired a chainsaw operator.

After felling the tree, Kwabena said he decided to cut it into smaller logs. That was when the calabash which was rotting was found.

mysterious calabash
The mysterious calabash

Eyewitnesses rushed to the tree to catch a glimpse and also take pictures, however, the calabash vanished into thin air before some of them finished taking their photos.

One Sisi Yaa, who owns a shop close by could not hide her joy after the tree was finally cut down.

According to her, she has been trading under the tree for almost 35 years yet could not boast of any profit made from the business though she could not ascertain if that had anything to do with the tree.