The Coordinator for the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Tema Metropolitan, Percy Opata, on Friday charged NABCO trainees not to relent in discharging their duties but put in efforts to attract employment opportunities as the programme ends in October.

“Personnel should make amends by putting in their best effort at where they found themselves working now, the need to be punctual to work, hard-working so that when the opportunity comes for employment they will have the advantage to be picked,” he added.

Speaking with Mr Opata, he recounted that the NABCO programme which started in 2018 had an exit plan and assured the trainees that they would not be neglected.

According to him, the government from the onset had an exit plan, which was in three categories: permanent jobs, entrepreneurship and educational continuity.

He further explained that, if one applies for a permanent job from the same institution he/she is working in, it places him at a better position since he has acquired knowledge and experience in that institution than someone applying who is new without work experience.

“Not withstanding that, your attitude and input would also determine if the organization will consider to retain you or not,” he said.

Mr Opata added that those who had business ideas are to present a proposal to the National Board for Small Scale Industry (NBSSI), which will be vetted and when qualified the person will be given capital to start the business.

He indicated that the government also had an educational support plan for those who wanted to further their education in order to position themselves well for the job market.

“If anyone chooses for further studies, there is the need to learn something that will benefit the community and the nation as well and not personal interest,” he said.

The NABCO programme started in 2018 with total number of 1,484 trainees for Tema Metro, 164 got permanent jobs, and others exited without the consent of management, now there are 800 trainees still on the programme.