The National Road Safety Authority says it is pushing a legislative instrument that will regulate tanker drivers in the country.

This initiative, they explain, is part of the authority’s efforts to reduce road crashes and deaths that occur as a result of tankers. The authority has met with key stakeholders in the Oil Marketing industry, to deliberate on details of the legislative instrument.

Director-General of the NRSA, May Obiri-Yeboah says, “The legislative instrument is to help operationalize Act 993 that is the national Road Safety Act”.

Head of Communications at the NRSA, Kwame Atuahene further explained some interventions that have been put in place to ensure tankers comply with road safety protocols.

“The drivers may have to be continuously trained. The vehicles must have a consistent maintenance programme”.

A representative of Galaxy oil, Victor Omari-Dartey also shared his reaction.

“It is a good development because all of us use the road so if the roads are better and safer that is good for us as people and good for business”.