The Graphic Communications Group Limited has made a giant step in the newspaper printing industry in Ghana with the inauguration of a KBA Comet Press. The company also commissioned a redesigned website to improve on the quality of services to the general public.

The new printing press with a computer to plate (CTP) facility has the capacity to print 75,000 copies of any newspaper per hour irrespective of the pagination It also has the capacity to print 64-pages with half of the pages in full colour and the flexibility to print colour on any page of the customer’s choice.

The new press also offers opportunities to print colour adverts in small sizes unlike the previous machine which takes only the medium and large. In 1975, 25years after the company was founded in 1950, the company installed the first web offset colour printing machine in Ghana.

The web offset press was a semi-automatic Harris web offset press manufactured in the USA with two production lines. One of the production lines was a four-unit press and the other a two-unit press.

The company in 1995 upgraded the version of the web offset colour machine with the introduction of the Heidelberg Harris press. The campany was also the first to use computerized editorial set-up for news production, the first to use the CTP technology.

The facility has a 1,100 kva standby generator, an air compressed and a central air-conditioning system to maintain the temperature required for the machine to work efficiently.

Close to the printing hall is the paper conditioning room from where an electric forklift sends the reels to the printing hall for mounting on the splicer. Attached to the printing hall is a bulk materials warehouse for newsprint, inks and chemicals.

In his speech at the inauguration ceremony, the managing director of the company appealed to government to grant them tax exemptions.

Board chairperson and the chair for the occasion, Professor Agyekum said, the board has put measures in place to ensure human resource is enhanced.

President of the national media commission, Ambassador Kabral Blay Amihere commended graphic for their resilience in the media landscape and urged them to set the pace as the nation’s number one media group.

In a speech read on behalf of the president by the acting chief director at the ministry of information, president mahama urged the media to be circumspect in their reportage.

A redesigned website was also commissioned to conform to the latest technology.


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