More than 200 members of a self-styled security force affiliated with the governing NPP have attacked the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator late Friday morning to physically hound him out of office.

The group known as Delta Force says it cannot work with George Agyei because he was 'not part of the struggle' to wrestle power from the NDC during the December 2016 general elections.

The group has been vocal in their resistance of the appointment of George Agyei and has insisted, a party person ought to occupy the post.

They had previously sent a petition to the Regional minister and other senior NPP figures in the party hoping the George Agyei decision would be rescinded.

But after no word from the party and the minister, they noticed that the newly appointed security capo had started work last Monday.

Believing that persuasion had failed, the NPP group escalated their opposition with force of action.

In an act of vandalism and levels of political thuggery unseen in the region, the NPP para-security stormed the Regional Coordinating Council in Nhyeiso which is the seat of the regional minister.

They broke Louvre blades vandalised furniture and ransacked the office of one of the region's topmost security capos in one swift move of unhindered bravado.

"There was blood all over the floor", Luv FM's Erastus Asare Donkor told A man sustained cuts on his body but explained, he deliberately cut himself with a Louvre blade to pronounce a curse on the security capo.

Erastus Asare Donkor reported that the NPP fanatics grabbed the defenceless security capo and manhandled him as they tried to force him out of office.

In an interview with Erastus Donkor, a leader of the group called on the President and the Security minister Albert Kan-Dapaah to reverse their decision.

Together with other supporters, they knelt down before the cameras and pleaded with the president to heed to their demands. He was emphatic, 'we cannot work him' adding ' while we were suffering from police beatings, he was seen no where among us'.

delta force

Police PRO DSP Nketia Yeboah who confirmed the incident said a security team was dispatched from the Central Police Command in Kumasi to stop the brute show of unauthorised force.

He said no arrests have been made so far and vowed the police will deal with anyone found to have been part of the hooliganism.

Officials of the Regional Coordinating Council have expressed shock at the sudden Friday morning commotion in the office.

They say they have never witnessed such thuggery at the RCC.

Since a peaceful transfer of power through the ballot box, there has been waves of violence, political take-overs of offices and state facilities by NPP loyalist.

A more popular group, Invincible Forces has been fingered in acts of violence, but a new force, appears to be emerging.