A lawyer has revealed that no court will grant any marriage less than two years a divorce, according to the laws of the country.

Kweku Yamoah Pantsil told Edem Knight-Tay on Joy FM’s Home Affairs show that no matter what struggles the marriage may be experiencing, the laws of the country have no provision for its dissolution if it hasn’t gone past two years.

“Unless you go for special leave. You go to the court and convince the judge, that there are special reasons why you want to dissolve the marriage”, he said.

Lawyer Pantsil, who doubles as a family life counselor and a pastor, stated that these are part of provisions that have been made by the laws of Ghana to protect the sanctity of marriage at all stages.

He also revealed that even in cases where both spouses have expressed staunch interest in divorcing each other, the law “gives power to a judge to use every effort to get parties to reconcile –if the judge has reason to believe that there is an avenue for resolving the conflict”.

The lawyer was a part of an all-male panel who discussed how men resolve conflicts with their wives and girlfriends.

He said the man must be the one to take the initiative as the head of the family, to resolve any conflict with his woman as opposed to the woman taking up that responsibility as taught by culture.

“Being the head of the family also gives you immense responsibilities”, he explained.

He added, “Doing so will require you burying your pride, doing so will require you not to be so selfish, doing so will require you to climb down”.