A group calling itself, Ashanti Patriotic Movement, is accusing the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of selective justice in the application of a code of conduct issued by the National Executive Council for Presidential and parliamentary primaries.

Members of the Movement have asserted that the code seems to be used in victimizing followers of one of the party’s Presidential hopefuls, Alan Kyeremanten.

The leader of the group, Emmanuel Osei said three members of the party who have been suspended for allegedly campaigning for Mr. Kyeremanten were not taken through the stipulated procedures of the party.

“The three people namely; Abdul Rahman Dauda, Kaleem and Mustapha who have been punished by way of suspension for allegedly supporting Honorable Alan Kyeramanten were never taken through the above stipulated procedures as issued by the party on July 27, 2021,” he said.

According to him, other party members have breached the party’s code of conduct with impunity yet the leaders watch on without sanctioning them.

“To the astonishment of the party grassroots, ladies and gentlemen, Alhaji Mohammed Batima Samba, Hon. Habib Iddrissu, Hon Farouk Mohammed, Hon Hamin Antiah and Lawyer Nana Obiri Boahen and Kwabena Senkyire have all breached the party’s code of conduct with impunity but the party’s top hierarchy has kept mute surprisingly,” he said.

“Abundant evidence available gives a clear verdict that the party’s application of the code of conduct issued by the National Executives have proven beyond reasonable doubt, to be selective and abusive,” he added.

According to the group, if these issues raised, go unchecked, it will bring about disunity in the party.

“The very issues raised by the grass roots that the party Executives pretended not to have heard in 2020 leading to the current historic Parliament, is the same thing some group of desperate power-seeking individuals have started that would provoke anger and when that happens, it will not augur well for the party. Truth be told,” he stated.

He noted that the group would reject any flagbearer imposed on the party through undemocratic means supervised by the Electoral Commission.

They challenged the General Secretary, of the party, John Boadu to apply the code equally or risk the unity existing within the party. This, Mr. Osei said is because most of the breaches happened right under the General Secretary’s watch.

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