The government of Ghana through the National Sports Authority has confirmed newly elected Samson Deen-led National  Paralympic Committee of Ghana to replace the old administration. 

The ceremony was followed by an official communique to the International Paralympic Committee to officially introduce the new administration led by Samson Deen.

The Director-General of the National Sports Authority Prof. Peter Twumasi urged the Samson Deen led NPC-GHANA to work tirelessly to develop and win medals at the  Upcoming Paralympics All African Games and Tokyo Games in 2020.

The Director-General on behalf of the government assured of their support and wished the NPC-GHANA well.

The President of National Paralympic Committee Mr. Samson Deen also thank government of Ghana for its support and asked for more government support to properly coordinate Paralympic sports development which will help win medals at the All African Games in Morocco and Tokyo 2020 games.

The 8 man National Paralympic  Committee elected board has been given a four-term spanning till August 2, 2023, with the mandate of reviving Paralympics in Ghana.

Mr. Samson Deen replaced Bishop Cornelius Adja Cofie as the president of the National Paralympic Committee  (NPC) of Ghana at an elective Congress held on July 6, 2019, at the DG Hathriamani Sports Hall of the Accra Sports Stadium to bring the old administration to an end.

The full list of Elected officials below:

1. Samson Deen -President

2. Frederick  Lartey -Vice president

3. Mr. Peter Adjei- Secretary-General

4. Mr. Evans Yeboah – Treasurer

5. Mr. Philip Otuo – Executive Member

6. Mr. IBRAHIM Sani – Executive Member

7. Mr. Twum Barimah

8. Mr. Henry Kwaku Nyanteh – Executive Member.

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