Prempeh College’s quest to win its fifth National Science and Maths Quiz trophy has come to an abrupt end after Achimota School outclassed the Kumasi-based school in the quarter-final clash.

The anticipating contest proved to be heart racing as Prempeh College, Achimota School and Anglican SHS stepped into the arena to battle for a slot in the semi-final stage.

The four-time winners dominated three rounds of the contest but unfortunately, lost grip of their lead in the fourth and final rounds to Achimota School.

Leading the pack in round 1, Prempeh College swiftly secured 24 points. Achimota School followed with 19 points on the scoreboard and Anglican SHS earned 11 points.

Round 2 of the contest saw Achimota School increase their pace to catch up, closing the gap by a 3-point margin against the ‘Amanfour’ boys of Prempeh College.

Losing their balance in the speed race, Anglican SHS was unable to add a point to their tally.

The Problem of the day in round 3 secured the underdogs, Kumasi Anglican SHS and the valliant warriors of Prempeh College 4 points each.

Achimota School, at the bottom of the pack scored 2 points.

Achimota School ended the consistent lead-reign of Prempeh College in the True or False round with 41 points.

The fall of Prempeh College placed them second on the scoreboard with 34 points.

Anglican SHS could not withstand the pressure in round 4 and scored 21 points.

Four-time winners, Prempeh College managed a comeback in Round 5.

It was a clash of the titans as Achimota School and Prempeh College faced off with a tie with 41-41 points each.

The suspense of who qualifies for the semi-final stage ended as Achimota School grabbed the last riddle and ended the tag of war against Prempeh College.

Prempeh College and Anglican SHS were eliminated from the race of becoming NSMQ 2020 winners.

The exit of Prempeh College has ended the hope and quest of countering the record of five-time champions, Presbyterain Boys’ SHS, Legon.