The National Service Scheme (NSS) has reiterated the need to enrol newly trained tertiary-level teachers on the scheme as it challenges the NDC over its cancellation plans.

The secretariat believes it is an opportunity being offered to the graduates to undertake one-year national service in fulfillment of Act 426 of 1980.

A statement by the Corporate Affairs Directorate of the NSS said it was shocked at an abolition campaign by the NDC.

 “We have noted with utter dismay and shock the abolition campaign of the NDC against the enrolment if it comes to power.

“The management of the scheme deems the comments as unfortunate and feels compelled in the present circumstances, and for what we perceive should be in the public interest, to share hard facts in the hope to bring clarity to the circumstances surrounding the introduction of the programme,” parts of the statement read.

It added the enrolment was a policy decision which seeks to include all qualified and eligible graduates as stipulated in the NSS ACT 426 of 1980.

“It is absolutely critical for members of the public and especially the NDC to be reminded that graduates of a tertiary institution that are liable to national service cannot be employed contrary to the provisions of the NSS Act,” the statement urged.

They further cautioned politicians to stay away from denigrating a nationally accepted programme that serves as a transition between school and the world of work that instills in the youth the sense and spirit of nation-building and civic responsibility.


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