The Obengfo Advanced Bodysculpt has been opened and operating illegally months after the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) shut down the health centre for failing to meet the required standard for operation.

According to JoyNews Checks, the health centre which is located at Weija looked deserted with a signpost from HeFRA which reads “this facility has been closed and this facility should remain close” however a look inside the building had staff at work attending to patients.

In a quest to probe further into the issue, JoyNews’ Kwaku Asante, Spoke to residents living around the environs of the health centre.

According to them, most times during the day, cars troop in and out of the premises as though the facility was operating.

In order to confirm what the residence had told him, Kwaku Asante made his way to the premises.  

Narrating what had transpired when he got there, he said, “When I entered, a woman came in and met me and ask me what my business here was. I told her I was here to make enquires about the operations of the hospital and that one of my aunties wanted to do something there.

“This person told me that the doctor is not around at the moment but they gave me a certain number to call and make an arrangement so that when the doctor returns whether this week or next weekend, my aunt can come and do the specific operation that I want to do.

“They also told me I had to pay an amount of GHC400 to someone online and make some arrangement,” he stated.

HeFRA on January 29 this year, closed down a number of health facilities including Obengfo Advanced Bodysculpt as part of its regulatory enforcement to ensure quality standards and compliance with health regulations for public safety.

The Registrar HeFRA, Dr Philip A Bannor, said the facilities were closed down in violation of Part 1, Section 11 of Health Institutions and Facilities Act, 2011 (ACT 829).

Speaking to Emefa Apawu on Midday News, he intimated that Obengfo Advanced Bodysculpt is currently battling out the case in court, as such the facility is supposed to remain close.

“I know that his lawyers tried very hard to get the judge to give him the preliminary order or to restrain HeFRA into opening the facility for him. And I can tell you for a fact that the Judge did not allow that and that was how we left court. So the place should remain closed,” he told Emefa Apawu