The chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party has described as “sickening” allegations that he embezzled May 9 disaster funds meant for relatives of the football disaster.

126 soccer fans were crushed to death on May 9, 2001 after a stampede eclipsed a rather entertaining clash between rivals Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

On the 10th Anniversary of the solemn incident, Propaganda Secretary of the governing party, Richard Quashiga alleged in an interview with Joy News that public funds raised by the previous New Patriotic Party government for the upkeep and education of children of the victims of the disaster have been misapplied and embezzled.

He singled out the chairman of the opposition party, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey who was then the Chief of Staff of the country for criticism and accused him of misappropriating the funds.

According to him, the “all-hands-on-deck” tour being embarked on by Mr. Lamptey and the NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo Addo is nothing but a “deception tour” which would only add to the pain of the troubled victims of May 9.

In a reaction, Mr Lamptey told Joy News’ Dzifah Bampoh the allegations are “sickening”.

He wondered why such allegations will be made and the incident politicized on a day families are mourning relatives of their dear ones.

He explained all the monies collected after the incident was audited by the Auditor General before it was handed over to the May 9 Disaster Funds which is being administered by Mr. J.S. Addo.

He said the fund managers, decided how the monies will be disbursed and what support to give the families of the deceased, adding it was decided that “the children should be allowed to have whatever schooling that they could qualify and aspire to without their father being there.

“It is really sickening that he (Quashiga) should be playing politics with a matter like this. Propaganda is not about telling lies; propaganda is not about just bringing the whole state of politics into disrepute,” he lamented.

The NPP chairman said allegations that the then NPP government invested the money ostensibly to ‘pocket’ the profits that would accrue from the investment have no basis.

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Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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