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Knowing if your spouse is being sexually satisfied may be a bit more involving than you think, as gynaecologist, Dr. Padi Aryertey suggests keen observation of facial and bodily expressions of your spouse, to help gauge pleasure.

According to Dr. Aryertey, certain indications and responses may help the men especially, to know if the right spots on their wives are being hit during sexual activities. He told Edem Knight-Tay on Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme that, for instance “ if she is a vocal person, she will make sounds and noises for you to know that you are doing the right thing.”

Another evidence of enjoyment by the woman, according to Dr. Aryetey, is if after foreplay “she is either asking you to enter or she is wet.” He insists that if after foreplay, the woman is still dry, the man may not have pleased her enough.

Aside these pointers, he mentions the way she moves her body, the look on her face and reaching an orgasm, as indications of whether or not a woman is being satisfied in bed. Dr. Aryetey suggests that once men see these ‘signs and wonders’, they ought to note the source of the pleasure and keep at it.

According to him, if none of these indicators is telling, the man “has to be assessing his technique”.

The gynaecologist’s submissions were in answer to a question from a listener, who was in doubt as to how to determine if his wife was being pleasured in bed or not.

On the other hand, Dr. Aryetey encouraged the women to also explore the sensitive areas of their men, concentrate on them so as to get their men excited. Advising the women he said, “as he is doing things to you, you too be doing things to him.”

Complementing the doctor’s answers were the other panelists on the show, Relationship Coach, P.G Sebastian and Counselor Mrs. Theresa Wiafe-Asante. Mr. Sebastian was of the opinion that in order to know what satisfaction meant to each spouse, there is the need to know what feels good for you and communicate it appropriately. For him it is important to communicate what makes you sexually aroused and satisfied, in order to achieve maximum sexual pleasure.

He, however, cautions spouses especially the men, not to downplay the feedback from their women. He told the men “don’t say I’m a man, you can’t tell me what to do…where did you learn this thing from, have you been watching porn?” According to him, such attitude can discourage candid feedback on sexual satisfaction.

Hammering on communication, Mrs. Wiafe–Asante, popularly known as Mama T, encouraged couples to break away from the way they are oriented, and learn to openly talk about sex and satisfaction in the marriage.