No matter how difficult it is to speak the truth, it surely must be said. The future of this country we often hear is the youth of which many of them are students. I have always had my doubts as to the future of the country having engaged many young people than the ordinary young man would engage at this young age.

Serving as a student leader and serving in about thirteen key leadership positions within four years of my first degree, I heard and watched so much that has dampened my spirit as far as the development and future of this country is concerned. When students spend more on entertainment than on developmental projects, it tells you that our nation will never be free of misplaced priorities.

Yes, majoring the minors and minoring the majors have become a mandate in the country and I guess we picked that up from our schools. Mind you, it is the same students especially student leaders who become national leaders. 

When the needs of the very students we serve is not a priority for us like giving money to some stars to spend for a fifteen-minute performance, then there is a big problem with our minds. What are the priorities of our students today at the university? Your guess is as good as mine. But what else can I do or say amidst all these realities? Optimism is always a better option to pessimism so I will keep my head up high and hope for the best for my country and her future.

Anyway, let me go straight to the point without mincing words. The level of lawlessness among students in our tertiary institutions has reached a stature that must not be countenanced at all. We all watched the destructive demonstration that took place at the second biggest public university in Ghana (KNUST) some months ago.

Because of some personal biases we all had, we approached the matter the way we wanted. Instead of condemning the unusual acts of barbarism and irresponsibility, we took a one-sided position of dealing with just the management of the institution. Some of us didn't see the need to tell our students they went overboard in getting their concerns looked at.

In fact, I saw some people referring to the leader of the student group as the greatest leader of our time for his bravery in presiding over abnormalities and total foolishness. Ah well, I can pardon some of them for their level of leadership. Maybe I would have said same or even worse but for the training FES/You-Net Young Leaders Program gave me.

It is crystal clear that because many of us endorsed the atrocities that occurred in KNUST some months ago in that we failed to condemn the unfortunate actions of the students, University of Education Winneba(UEW) students have also seen the need to show their prowess when it comes to violence and the like.

At least, they must show something to tell the world that they are also capable of engage in in foolishness. We saw students destroy a car meant for their own SRC yesterday and that is supposed to be normal. I mean, do students reason before doing what they do? I am not against demonstrations because it is a venture the laws of the state clearly endorse. However, any demonstration against the law and common sense must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

Let's tell our students to use appropriate means in redressing issues. Violence is inhumane and cannot be justified.  Let's do the right things to really show that we are ready to take over from our current leaders.

The author is a former student leader of the University of Ghana. His name is Bright Agropah but is passionately referred to as The Truth Romancer because of his love for the truth.