Songwriter and techpreneur, Isaac Quarcoo has said that the recent marketing trends have seriously impacted music-making in this era.

According to him, many musicians now would prefer to make songs that will top the charts for the next two weeks than one which will last the next few years.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Quarcoo stated that “our songs today reflect our collective way of life. From autotuned to now artists writing songs for a machine to sing. I perfectly understand that times are changing, who would not be happy if one machine can do the work of three or more people?”

“But, how efficient can these fast-food songs actually be? Hits are so important but are we singing to make money now, totally ignoring the longevity of the craft and the songs?” The Techpreneurs Union of Ghana Founder and President quizzed.

He opined that most of the songs that are on our music stores currently will disappear in a few years completely due to the huge effect that digital marketing has had on the music fraternity worldwide.

“I am only concerned that our musicians will be artistes for a few years because their songs have not been able to hold their career up the stairs. Like it or not, there are lots of artistes today who are relevant not because they are making any hit or viral songs but as a result of past songs they did that were able to stand the test of time.”

Mr Quarcoo cited TikTok and Triller, especially, as tools that are helping to easily promote songs yet weakening the production prowess of artistes globally.

He stated that this is because some artistes are making music for trends on these apps.

“You will bear me witness that most of the songs that made the trends within the first quarter of 2022 are wiping out and new ones are coming in, is this how we want to go?” He asked.

Mr Quarcoo said that it is important for artistes to promote their music, especially in this digital world, however, they also must consider longevity and quality.