Security expert, Adam Bonaa

A security analyst, Adam Bonaa has called for the dissolution of the Operational Unit of the National Security.

According to him, if the country is not careful, the unit may plunge the nation into civil unrest.

“If we don’t get rid of the operational unit of the national security these guys one day we will see a similar thing that happened in Nigeria in Ghana, the EndSars movement that threw Nigeria into some ungovernable state.

” We will see it here because who instructs them, they could actually buzz into your studio and decide to detain everybody and probably do things and no one will talk,” he said in an interview on JoyNews’ The Pulse.

His comment comes at the back of an attempted abduction of the Regional Security Coordinator, DCOP (Rtd) Kweku Ayensu Opare-Addo.

Seven men allegedly invaded the office of Opare-Addo on Tuesday evening, May 11 to forcibly evict him from his residence at gunpoint putting him in handcuffs for reasons yet to be ascertained.

The men are said to have identified themselves as operatives of National Security, but Mr Opare-Addo claims they are members of the Delta Force vigilante group.

Luv News checks indicate the forceful removal was led by Mohammed Seidu of the disbanded Delta Force group.

The action at the premises of the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council was an attempt, supposedly, to get Mr Opare-Addo out and get him replaced by their preferred security coordinator.

Mr Bonaa disclosed that the Operational Unit of the National Security has been in operation since Former President Jerry John Rawlings’ era and has seen it transition from a military rule into a civilian rule.

He intimated that these things [assault and humiliation by the National security] shouldn’t be happening in Ghana today in the 21 st Century, adding that “this should have been gotten rid of by our president.”

He also stated that the assault by the Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah by the National Security operatives indicates a lack of control at the unit.

He further cited an instance where the National security went out of control at Asankrangwa in the Western Region.

“National Security officials were in the Western Region somewhere in Asankrangwa to destroy a lot stuff in some two casinos and no one seems to be in control so it is that bad, it is so bad and if we are careful, they will throw this country into some sort of civil unrest these guys who are parading as National Security.”

 He also said “if you come to the operational unit go to Airports they are there, go to Tema Harbour, your things arrive and you are clearing and they stop and say give them money and nobody seem to be in control. They are paid on a tabletop and so mine is that where are we going to with this type of behaviour.