Opinion leaders are calling for calm in the Ketu South Municipality following the death of a Ghanaian by an incident involving Togolese security on Monday, August 23.

The deceased from Kopeyia in the Volta Region is said to have been beaten by two Togolese soldiers.

The incident happened at Akato-Viepe, a locality in Aflao Sagbado township on the border between Togo and Ghana

According to eyewitnesses, the deceased, Felix Bedi Gedzah was given a mobile phone to charge for the soldiers and subsequently accused of stealing the SIM card in it.

Felix is said to have tried to defend himself that he did not commit the act but the soldiers turned deaf ear to his plea and beat him mercilessly. Felix is said to have died shortly after he was conveyed to a hospital.

This is said to have resulted in simmering tensions in the Kopeyia community.

In a statement issued on August 25, an opinion leader from the region, Donald Agumenu called for cool heads to prevail as investigations commence into the matter.

“In moments like this, there’s always the urge to inflame the situation or people’s feelings but we must not jump to conclusions as there are implications for the bilateral relations between the two countries,” he said.

The former special aid to the late Jerry John Rawlings further explained that “whiles we comfort the family, we should also be mindful of the complexities that may arise if a diligent approach is not deployed in mitigating the situation for a peaceful resolution. “

Meanwhile, the two soldiers have been arrested by Togolese officials as Togo’s Security and Civil Protection Ministry stresses that sanctions will be meted out if the suspects are found culpable.

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