Sports broadcaster and analyst Karl Tufuoh says the Ghana Football Association settling on Milovan Rajevac as the next coach for the Ghana Black Stars will be a risky venture.

Speaking on UPfront with Raymond Acquah, the veteran broadcaster who has covered the senior national team for about three decades, described the reported choice of the FA as “very very risky,” insisting, “it should be a Ghanaian.”

He further explained that, historically, the second coming for coaches hardly ends with success.

Burkhard Ziesser, Fred Osam Duodu, and Kwasi Appiah are some examples of coaches who never succeeded when they were appointed for a second time as head coaches of the Black Stars.

“There is a saying in the football fraternity that you never go back to a place where you had so much success. The pendulum has swung to a certain level; anything below that and you’re in trouble,” he noted.

He added that he would be surprised if Milo, as Rajevac is affectionately called in the football circles, accepts the offer.

He argues that “millions of coaches around the world in the last 60, 70 years in the last 70 years do not make it a habit of going back. One or two have done, and it has turned out very bad”.

On why he insists on choosing a Ghanaian, Mr Tufuoh backed his stance with some facts, stating that, the four times Ghana won the AFCON, between 1963 and 1982, local coaches such as CK Gyamfi and Fred Osam Duodu were in charge of the national team.

Gyamfi won the AFCON in 1963, 1965, and 1982, while Fred Osam Duodu won the 1978 edition staged in Ghana.

Only Otto Pfister is an exception, as he won the U-17 World Cup with Ghana in 1991.

According to information gathered by JoySports, Milovan Rajevac is leading the race to replace CK Akonnor as Black Stars coach.

JoySports also gathered that the committee tasked to find the next Black Stars Coach also contacted former Zambia, Ivory Coast, and Morocco coach Hervé Renard, Aston Villa U-23 coach George Boateng, and Borussia Dortmund assistant Otto Addo for the vacant post.

Reacting to this, Mr Tufuoh said Herve Renard is too expensive and “way out of Ghana’s league.”

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