The brother of South African athletics star Oscar Pistorius has appeared in court over a motorcyclist’s death in a road accident in 2008.

Carl Pistorius is charged with the culpable homicide of a 36-year-old woman, in a collision involving his vehicle near Johannesburg.

He pleaded not guilty.

In an unrelated case, Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, last month – a charge he denies.

On Thursday, the Olympic and Paralympics star’s lawyers are expected to challenge in court the bail conditions imposed on him.

‘Media hype’

Prosecutors say Carl Pistorius was driving in Vanderbijlpark in March 2008 when he collided with the motorcyclist, Marietjie Barnard, who later died in hospital, AP news agency reports.

Although the culpable homicide charge against Carl Pistorius was initially dropped, it was reinstated earlier this year because forensic evidence and reports from the accident scene became available, it quotes prosecutors as saying.

He pleaded not guilty to culpable homicide and to other charges of driving in a reckless and inconsiderate manner.

The Pistorius family said last month that Carl deeply regretted the incident but insisted it was a “tragic accident”.

Magistrate Buks du Plessis turned down a request by South Africa’s national broadcaster, SABC, to televise the trial live or record proceedings for later use.

He wanted to guard against “media hype” in the case, the magistrate said.

“The only reason the media is interested is because Mr Carl Pistorius is the brother of well-known athlete Oscar Pistorius,” he said.

“He’s not a celebrity in his own right.”

Addressing Carl Pistorius, the magistrate then said: “Apologies to you, sir,” AP reports.

Carl Pistorius smiled and nodded, it adds.

Earlier this month, Oscar Pistorius’ legal team filed an appeal against some of his bail conditions, including the fact that he could not travel abroad.

He was released on bail on 22 February following his arrest over the fatal shooting of Ms Steenkamp on 14 February at his home in a gated complex in the capital, Pretoria.

The court banned him from travelling abroad and from drinking alcohol.

The appeal is due to be heard in court on Thursday.

Oscar Pistorius says he shot dead Ms Steenkamp after mistaking her for a burglar.

However, prosecutors say he killed her in an act of premeditated murder.