The Vice Chair of Parliament's Subsidiary Legislature has expressed worry over the Electoral Commission (EC) guaranteeing a free and fair elections with political parties yet to receive the certified voters register.

Kofi Osei Ameyaw says he is yet to see the certified documents stressing the people registered must be identifiable to contestants.

With a month to go for the presidential and parliamentary election, political parties say they are yet to be furnished with a certified copy of the voters register by the EC. This is against the EC’s plans to make available the document to the parties two months before the election.

The Commission at an IPAC meeting promised to give the parties the certified register by September 23 which has not been done. 

Without the document, it is difficult to tell who the eligible voters are prior to the polls.

A public election voters regulation law C.I 91 section 27.1 states that the EC shall certify the register after the determination of claims or objectives plus a list of other conditions that must be met.

Section 27.3 further states “that after register has been certified, it shall be published in the manner determined by the Commission and shall replace any existing voters register.”

Also, section 27.4 states “The Commission shall make available a certified copy of the register to the registered political parties and any other person that the Commission considers necessary not later than 21 days after the register has been certified."

Making a case for the parties and individuals contesting for parliamentary seats, Mr Ameyaw noted that the contestants have to rally and seek the electorates' mandate which means they must have the register before hand.

He bemoaned the fact that the Commission is faced with a litany of court cases which is preventing it from working on a schedule.

Although a cross section of Ghanaians are worried about the possibility of a smooth election on December 7 the EC Chair on BBC last week assured that elections would go ahead as scheduled.